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re: App: Grumpycat/Borthor

The application submitted by Grumpycat/Borthor is as follows:

Part 1: Character Information

Name of your character: :



Please provide a Realmplayers link to your character.

Part 2: Resistance Related Questions

Some fights in AQ40 and Naxx require resistance sets / items. These questions may be relevant to some classes whilst irrelevant to others. Please answer Yes or No accordingly.

2.1: Fire Resistance:

2.2: Frost Resistance:

2.3: Nature Resistance:

2.4: Shadow Resistance:

2.5: Casters Only: Do you have a Frost Wand: Y or N?:

Part 3: Player Information

3.1: Where are you from?:

3.2: Your Age?:

3.3: Do you have at least a basic understanding of verbal (speaking) English?:

3.4: Do you have a working microphone you can use?:

3.5: What is your FPS and MS rates during a 40 man raid?:
around 60 FPS and sub 60 MS

3.6: Link your internet SpeedTest result:

Part 4: Your Availability

WiP schedules raids on Wednesday and Thursdays. They begin with world buffs at 18.30. We occasionally raid on a Sunday if content is left uncleared starting with World Buffs at 18.30.

We also reserve the option to add Monday as a raid day, pending unusual circumstances (server issues) or patch updates on KT . (We recognise world buffs aren't as useful for Healers)

4.1: Are you able to make these raid times?:

4.2: Are there any circumstances that might affect your attendance?:

4.3: If anything could affect your attendance, please explain.:
I'm a social in the guild, attending whatever raids I can make (if there is room). Which in general means I can only attend raids on weekends. The reason for this is my work schedule. In certain periodes, longer vacations and such, I can make all raid times.

Part 5: User Interface

5.1: Show us your UI (in a raid if possible). We like to see what you see through your screen; (if your application doesn't include a UI image your application will be declined.)::

5.2: Does your screenshot clearly illustrate all your keybinds?:

5.3: If your UI doesn't clearly illustrate your keybinds, please explain why:
Using Bartender2, shift/ctrl toggles between the different actionbars.

5.4: Please give us a list of the addons you're using (including the ones on the screenshot image)

5.4: Action Bars:

5.4: Buff Frames::

5.4: Player, Party, Raid Frames: :
Grid, Xperl

5.4: Raid Specific Addons::
CThunwarner, Tankbuddy, KLHThreatmeter, Lazypig, Bigwigs.

5.4: Class Addons (Optional)::

5.4: General Performance Addons: (Optional):

5.5: RaidStats and SW_Stats Precision

Work in Progress monitors performance by use of RaidStats. To ensure optimal reporting we prefer you to use SW_Stats v2.0 beta 7

You can download this version of SW_Stats here:

5.5: Are you using SWStats? (this includes if you've just installed it):

5.5: What version of SW_Stats are you using? (You can test by typing '/swstats con' in game.):

Part 6: Playstyle

6.1: What is your talent spec?

6.2: [DPS and Tanks]: Briefly describe your 'rotation' or 'priorities' when DPS'ing / Tanking.:
Open with shield slam (and shield block if enough rage), get sunders up, while spamming heroic strike, then start rotating shield slam/revenge/shield block, keeping the CD ups constantly. Keep spamming heroic/sunder while doing this.

6.4: Are you prepared to change your spec and gamestyle if requested::

Part 7: Consumables

7.1: Consumables are a vital component to WiP raiding success. Please list consumables from the provided categories below that you'll bring to WiP Raids.

Categories: Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Food, Scrolls, Weapon Enhancements, Miscellaneous (Try Hard Consums):
As a social I'm probably not bringing all that is wanted from a core/member. My general consum setup is Titan flask, Elixir of Giants+Mongoose, Winterfall firewater, Gordok Green Grog, Spirit of Zanza, Free action potion (when needed), and whatever Protection potions is normal for a fight.

Part 8: Community Questions

8.1: What is your old/current guild, and why are you leaving?:
I used to be GM of Ice Ice Kitty, a social guild on old Warsong (was known as Borthor). Started it up on the new Warsong aswell, but was asked by Aenor to join WIP as a social, which I did because the "core" of Ice Ice Kitty is no longer active on the new server.

8.2: Have you played with anyone in WiP who might vouch for you?:
Pretty much all WIP players has played with me in PUG's on the old server while I was known as Borthor, and you all know me as Grumpycat on the new one.

8.3: Why do you want to join WiP?:
I'm allready in the guild as a social, I'm applying here to get access to the guild website, and in that way become a bigger part of the WIP community.

Part 9: Other Information

We like players that can bring something extra to the guild, be it personal interests, academic knowledge, game-related knowledge, etc.

9.1: What raid/gaming experience do you have on Feenix / retail wow / other games that will benefit WiP?:
Played retail vanilla as a warrior tank for about 2 years until TBC hit, clearing about half of aq40. Been playing on Feenix as a tank since fall of 2014. Here I have MT'ed all content up to and including parts of aq40 (certain parts of aq40 I've only OT'ed). Also OT'ed Naxx 11/15 in pugs on old Warsong.

9.2: Anything you would like to add? (Optional)::
I'm here because I enjoy playing the end game of vanilla wow. For as long as I've been playing on Feenix, WIP has been, and still is the best raiding community on the server. And I wish to be a part of it as long as it stays active.

Part 10: Extended Questions: Kel'Thuzad

Our current guild PVE objective is killing Kel'Thuzad.

This section asks questions that gives us an insight into whether we think you can assist us achieving this target.

10.1: Is your PC or notebook capable of opening multiple game clients?:

10.2: Do you have a level 60 warlock soulstoning alt? (Equally applies to warlocks applications):

10.3: If no, would you be prepared to level a L60 for soulstoning?:

10.4: Do you know how to modify your game client video settings?:

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