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re: Application: Warlock Mettworschd

Part 1: Character Information

Name of your character: :
Mettworschd Main (Herbalism and Mining)

Mett(alt) Warrior Prot 60 (Enchanting) preRaid-BiS-gear

Hackfleisch (alt) Hunter BM 60 nearly preraid-BiS-gear



Please provide a Realmplayers link to your character.

(this is old. end of september... im better equipped than this)

Part 2: Resistance Related Questions

Some fights in AQ40 and Naxx require resistance sets / items. These questions may be relevant to some classes whilst irrelevant to others. Please answer Yes or No accordingly.

2.1: Fire Resistance:

2.2: Frost Resistance:

2.3: Nature Resistance:
No, but can buy or farm.

2.4: Shadow Resistance:

Part 3: Player Information

3.1: Where are you from?:

3.2: Your Age?:

3.3: Do you have at least a basic understanding of verbal (speaking) English?:
Yes, talking 50%/50% in my job.

3.4: Do you have a working microphone you can use?:
I just ordered one. Built a new pc few days ago and before that my soundcard was damaged.

3.5: What is your FPS and MS rates during a 40 man raid?:
60 fps 10 ms

3.6: Link your internet SpeedTest result:

Part 4: Your Availability

WiP schedules raids on Wednesday and Thursdays. They begin with world buffs at 18.30. We occasionally raid on a Sunday if content is left uncleared starting with World Buffs at 18.30.

We also reserve the option to add Monday as a raid day, pending unusual circumstances (server issues) or patch updates on KT . (We recognise world buffs aren't as useful for Healers)

4.1: Are you able to make these raid times?:
Yes, i have nothing to do on Monday/Wednesday. Thursday and Sunday can be a problem.

4.2: Are there any circumstances that might affect your attendance?:
 Not really.
4.3: If anything could affect your attendance, please explain.:

Part 5: User Interface

5.1: Show us your UI (in a raid if possible). We like to see what you see through your screen; (if your application doesn't include a UI image your application will be declined.): 

 5.2: Does your screenshot clearly illustrate all your keybinds?:
5.4: Please give us a list of the addons you're using (including the ones on the screenshot image)

Atlas, BigWigs,C'THun Warner, Cartographer, CT_RaidAssist, Gatherer, NEC, SW_Stats

5.4: Action Bars:

5.4: Buff Frames::

5.4: Player, Party, Raid Frames: :
- ct raid assits

5.4: Raid Specific Addons::
BigWigs, Ktm, Chronometer, NatureEnemyCastbar

5.5: RaidStats and SW_Stats Precision
5.5: Are you using SWStats? (this includes if you've just installed it):

5.5: What version of SW_Stats are you using? (You can test by typing '/swstats con' in game.):
v2.0 beta.7

Part 6: Playstyle

6.1: What is your talent spec?

6.2: [DPS and Tanks]: Briefly describe your 'rotation' or 'priorities' when DPS'ing / Tanking.:
CoE/CoE/CoR, Corruption, Shadowbolt.... (+using Death Coil and Shadowburn if ready or imp. shadowbolt proccs, keeping Corruption up)
6.4: Are you prepared to change your spec and gamestyle if requested::
Yes, of course.

Part 7: Consumables

7.1: Consumables are a vital component to WiP raiding success. Please list consumables from the provided categories below that you'll bring to WiP Raids.

Categories: Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Food, Scrolls, Weapon Enhancements, Miscellaneous (Try Hard Consums):
Flask of Supreme Power, Wizard Oil, Hot Smoked Bass, Elixir of Sages, Mageblood, Greater Intellect,ShadowPower, Cooked Glossy Mightfish Major Healing, several of scrolls.

Part 8: Community Questions

8.1: What is your old/current guild, and why are you leaving?:
Fidelis, Guild broke. Not matching the raidtimes.

8.2: Have you played with anyone in WiP who might vouch for you?:
I dont think so.. I know Cadetmaster^^

8.3: Why do you want to join WiP?:
Fidelis quit. I want to stay on server and Raid again..

Part 9: Other Information

We like players that can bring something extra to the guild, be it personal interests, academic knowledge, game-related knowledge, etc.

9.1: What raid/gaming experience do you have on Feenix / retail wow / other games that will benefit WiP?:
I cleared all i think in retail. Played WoW since 2005-2009 and 2012-2014 on Emerald Dream (all clear).

Part 10: Extended Questions: Kel'Thuzad

Our current guild PVE objective is killing Kel'Thuzad.

This section asks questions that gives us an insight into whether we think you can assist us achieving this target.

10.1: Is your PC or notebook capable of opening multiple game clients?:

10.2: Do you have a level 60 warlock soulstoning alt? (Equally applies to warlocks applications):
I only got this warlock ;)

10.3: If no, would you be prepared to level a L60 for soulstoning?:
If needed^^

10.4: Do you know how to modify your game client video settings?:
Yes of course


Just wanted to end this thread with my a few words of mine... I played this game a long time and know how to act. No movement-cripple..

I change my gear/talents if needed. I dont have any problems with that and I want to grow this character.

I would like to improve my gear and join the AQ Raids in the future.

Best Regards


< Class Leader >

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re: Application: Warlock Mettworschd

 Greetings and thank you for applying.


What you said at the end with the few extra words you added, showed that you are a player that is willing to learn and improve themselves. I like that. 

However..... there is a bit you need to improve on. First, your character is missing several peices of prebis. You had mentioned that Realmplayers hadn't been updated since September, but in fact when you logged in today it updated. You are missing bloodvine chest, 26+ spellpower shoulders, rockfury bracers (not needed for trial, only for member status and above), bloodvine boots, diana's pearl necklace, and an 18+ sp cloak (amplifying cloak is an easy solution).

Next, the picture of your UI. There was no keybind for Curse of Shadows, hellfire, deathcoil, howl of terror, shadow ward, and for various other consumables one may need at any instant in raid (mana pot, demonic rune, limited invulnerability potion[big one], greater protection potions).  Furthermore, you had failed to mention several of these consumables in your response in regards to it.

Lastly, your spec. I have no qualms over a warlock being SM while looking for a guild, but if you want to be in this guild we would ask you to respec to DS (i can link a specific build i require).

YES you may join the guild. However, you will have to acquire your prebis with full enchants (ZG shoulder chant not required for trial) before you will be given a trial position, remaining as social till then. You can contact any of our leadership for a guild invite if i am not online. Although, i'd like to speak more to you about what spec you need to be, a proper consumables list, what is required to gain further guild ranks, what is expected of you, keybinds, and addons required. When you are invited into the guild, look at our guild info and join our Discord Server. It is mandatory for all members. With discord you can message me at any time and i can respond even if i am not on wow. We can discuss the previously mentioned topics there. 





Joined: 02 Nov 2016
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re: Application: Warlock Mettworschd

Hi Die,


thanks for the reply.

I will contact one of you in the early evening today.

Maybe we find some time to talk about me ;D




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